Main Dining Room, Ilustrado Restaurant

Main Dining Room

Philippine hardwood furniture, colonial ceiling fans wooden floors, antique chandeliers reflect the warm of a turn-of-the-century dining room. Here, Ilusrado’s famous callos and paella are meticulously served by courteous waiters. Open for lunch and dinner daily (except Sunday, when closing time is at 6pm). Seating capacity: 58


Cafe Ilustrado

Kuatro Kantos Bar

A statue of an irreverent St. Michael the Archangel, gin bottle in hand while slaying the dragon, presides over the bar counter. Art posters jostling for a space on the ochre walls. Antique carriage wheels suspended from the ceiling. Wrought iron furniture. Sunlight filtering through the red blinds bathe the room in a rosy glow. Open for breakfast, lunch, merienda and cocktails seven days a week. Filipino and Spanish special on the menu, a special of the day and a superb selection of cakes, hot savories and breads. Seating capacity: 28


Lourdes church altar at Ilustrado


A vine-festooned trellis shades a stone walkway that leads to an old well, part of the ruins of an 18th century Capuchin chapel. In the coolness of an early morning, when the dew is just lifting from the garden, breakfast with the birds and indulge in hearty Filipino or Spanish fare. At dusk, when the trees are glittering with fairy lights, the courtyard makes a romantic setting for wedding receptions or cocktails for two. The garden is unique as it is a haven for only indigenous Philippine flora that include the fragile, sweetly-scented sampaguita, dama de noche and champaca blossoms and other plants with uniquely Filipino names like manaog ka irog (descend my beloved) , kahapon ngayon at bukas (yesterday, today, and tomorrow). Seating capacity: 400

Binondo Room

Teak furniture and coromandel screens are reminiscent of Binondo, the Chinese enclave of Manila. The room’s opulence is a perfect setting for feasting in the grand imperial fashion.

Seating capacity: 15

Bonifacio Room

Andres Bonifacio, one of the heroes of the Philippine revolution of 1898, inspired the Filipinos to unite under the banner of the Katipunan. The room honors not just a patriot, but a people’s remarkable courage as well.

Seating capacity: 15

Combined, the Binondo and Bonifacio room seats up to 40 guests.

Sinagtala Ballroom Ilustrado

Sinagtala Ballroom

Newly-renovated and expanded with a hand-painted domed ceiling, carved wooden arches in gold leaf framing the capiz windows and stained glass cameo lighting, neo-classic finished posts with hand-carved candle holders in silver and gold for a truly romantic setting for a reception of Seating capacity: 230.

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